This advertising is not by ‘chance’

This weekend, I went on a shopping trip with one of my friends. I love shopping, but what I love even more is comparing the different marketing campaigns these companies use in their displays and store layouts.

After taking my graphic design classes, I am better able to interpret what type of feel and approach these organization are portraying. One company who I feel excels in their marketing approach is Tacori

Tacori is a jewelry brand I first saw on QVC while in high school. Now, all I dream about is filling my jewelry box with their beautiful gems and statement pieces. When stopping by and browsing their jewelry in the mall, it is easy to pinpoint the Tacori display – it is all in a royal blue case. I think their branding is outstanding. Not only do they have consistency in their design concepts, but they also showcase the quality of their products in a variety of campaigns.

Most recently, Tacori created a video depicting a story of love by chance. The video called Par Chance has a variety of Tacori jewelry worn by the actress while telling her love story. Below is the trailer of the video, but I highly encourage viewing the full-length film here (it is only 3:36 long).

Not only do I find this video captivating because I enjoy romance, but I thought it was creative how Tacori used some of their current advertising campaigns within the video. One of my favorites they are currently using for their 18k925 Fine Jewelry Collection is the martini glass ad, “Pour on the Glamour”.

If you notice within the video, while they are at the restaurant, she places her necklace into his martini glass and he proceeds to drink from it anyway.
One of my favorite ads for their engagement rings is the chess ad, “Checkmate”. I found their approach very unique in symbolizing the journey to love. 

The video also includes a game of chess, where the female wins the game against her pursuer. This clip also symbolizes how love is a process and in the video, the actor is given clues to finding this mysterious woman he is wooing.

Here are more of Tacori’s advertising campaigns.

Can you find any more similarities between their current campaigns and the video?

Overall, I found this video very effective and cohesive to the marketing scheme Tacori has been using for virtual and print media. Even though it may be a while before I can have my first piece of Tacori jewelry, their advertising is very enticing and pleasing for me.
What do you think of their campaigns and in particular, the video they released? Are there any other jewelry brands you feel are effective in their campaigns with video usage?

2 thoughts on “This advertising is not by ‘chance’

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