Ikea is getting a taste of bad publicity

When you go to the grocery store or a restaurant, you have a certain level of expectations for your eating experience. Unfortunately, one company has not lived up to their brand standards.

IKEA is an international furniture company that also has restaurants within their stores. One of the products that is most desired in these restaurants is the Swedish meatballs. These meatballs are said to be made with pork and beef. However, the company has recently been exposed for not following through with their product labeling.

In many news outlets, IKEA has been said to have used horse meat in their meatball recipe in Europe. The traces were found after a recent incident with the large European food company, Nestles. This has caused an increase in monitoring meat production throughout the region. IKEA was one of the most recent reports of using horse meat. Please note, there have been no traces of horse meat in the U.S. IKEA restaurants. (Wall Street Journal)

After this release, the company attempted to conduct damage control with a short press release found here. However, that did not stop the flow of social media disgust. Many people on Twitter shared their thoughts and distaste of the company because of this scandal.

I do not think IKEA has taken the proper risk management to overcome this obstacle. From a food company standpoint, they took the products off of the market. However, they did not reach out to the media sources as well as they could have. I also think this could bring up an interesting discussion about the use of different meat products in food products.

What are your thoughts on this current event? How do you feel IKEA handled or should have handled this situation?

Also, do you think this increased use of horse meat in the United Kingdom will have any effect on the U.S.?