Sharing the Smoky Mountains

This past week, I did something I have never done before: took a vacation during spring break. However, I did not do the typical spring break with the warmth of a beach. Instead, I traveled to Gatlinburg, Tenn. with a group of friends and stayed in a cabin within the Great Smoky Mountains.

The trip was certainly an adventure and provided us with a plethora of stories to take home. I was able to indulge in some great views for taking photographs, while the other boys got their fill on hiking, lounging at the cabin and touring the surrounding towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

As I reflected on our experiences this past week, I realized I would have never been interested in partaking in this trip before if it weren’t for the many methods of advertising and publicity that is done for the area. When visiting Gatlinburg, it is plain to see it is a tourist attraction. From the national park having many different side areas for cars to pull off and view the mountains to overcrowded amount of shopping centers and amusement attractions, the area offered a wide variety of things for tourists to participate in and enhance their Tennessee experience.

From a communication standpoint, I think Gatlinburg does a great job at advertising the diverse options that travelers can experience. Whether you review the methods used on websites and social media or the traditional techniques with billboards, radio and television advertisements in the local area, there is a lot of successful marketing being presented to continue reeling in consumers like myself.

This was my first time in Tennessee and if I am able to go back in the future, I hope to see a different part of the state that is not as consumer driven. After taking this trip, I am grateful to have had this experience and see what these little areas do to market their assets to travelers.

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