Caroline the American Girl

I have always claimed myself to be an American girl. I am patriotic, devoted to the greater good and involved in providing for our nation through the agricultural industry. A few days ago, I found something that brought me back to my younger-years and passion for being an American Girl.

The American Girl company recently created a new doll set that ties to my background and passion in agriculture. I own two of my own American Girl dolls from when I was a younger girl, and when I discovered a new doll focused on working on her uncle’s farm, I jumped on the opportunity to learn more!

I started to scope out the American Girl website and quickly found what I had been searching for: Caroline. The new doll is named Caroline and she is accompanied by a red calf named Garnet.

I could not have been more excited to discover a doll that not only shared my name, but also had a red calf with it. I determined that the calf breed must be Shorthorn. I may be a bit biased, as Shorthorn is the breed of cattle I own, but I was thrilled to see a breed of cattle besides the typically black and white Holstein.

If you are unfamiliar with the American Girl brand, they create these 18-inch dolls and write books about stories these girls have experienced. As quoted on their website:

These nine-year-old fictional heroines live during important times in America’s past, providing “girl-sized” views of significant events that helped shape our country, and they bring the history alive for millions of children.

I find it unique that American Girl is marketing this new doll with a story and involvement in agriculture. It seems to me that agriculture has been making its way into our daily lives more frequently and this makes my outlook for future careers even more exciting! With large companies like American Girl promoting farming and agriculture lifestyles, this will help advocate and educate young girls about this important industry.

I convinced my mom to purchase the calf for me. I couldn’t resist adding it into my American Girl collection! Once I receive it, I will be sure to compose a review on their website about how happy I am to see them promoting agriculture in their new collection.

American Girl Caroline and her steer Caesar

I couldn’t help but share a picture to depict my background and American girl self. This is from my county fair in 2011 when I was washing my steer, Caesar. I love the connection you can have with animals and I think this image really shows the bond we had. Do you think they could write a story about me one day?


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