More than just a name plate

Caroline's name plateDay two, complete! If you have ever started a new job, you know that the first few days are very procedural and introductory. Of course, I completed the standard paperwork and got comfortable at my desk and in the office building. However, these couple of days have been more significant than just receiving a name plate.

One important aspect of joining a new company is connecting with the staff. I have spent nearly half of my time these past two days meeting with many different employees I will be collaborating with during this summer. From meeting with members of my DOW Agrosciences PR team to conversing with lead management staff of Bader Rutter, I am eager to begin a variety of projects related to my passions in communication and agriculture!

No matter what role each of these people hold, they are equally important for the success of Bader Rutter and the company’s clientele.

I am excited to see what will happen these next few weeks. Not only am I looking forward to making connections in the office, but also with this outstanding group on a social level. My roommate is also an intern at Bader Rutter and we look forward to exploring Milwaukee together! We are both participating on the company’s volleyball and softball teams for agency leagues. It will certainly be a fun experience and with a positive outlook, we both are bound to have an amazing summer.

It is time to push myself so the experience is more meaningful than just a name plate. Will you do the same for your summer opportunities?


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