Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal

I have a need for speed. Not only do I have an atypical enjoyment of NASCAR, but I also enjoy a fast-paced, agile environment. Completing my first week at Bader Rutter, I have found my desire to stay busy and be involved is in its practice laps.

I have a need for speedAs a high type-A personality, I am very eager to get involved and stay busy through the duration of each day. However, as I begin to analyze the “race” ahead, the level of activity I seek may not always be available. In the agency, I am just beginning my laps while others on the PR team have completed many. It is difficult for me to join in the middle of their race while I am warming up my tires.

However, even with less work to complete right now, I have learned to not take my foot off the gas pedal. After conversing with Greg Nickerson, Bader Rutter’s chief executive officer, I have found insight for the theme of this blog post.

As I go about my internship this summer, I must not take my foot off the gas pedal and simply coast along. In order to receive the most of the experience, it is in my control to accelerate forward to become involved in different projects, develop my skills and build stronger relationships among my co-workers.

Take home the checkered flagThere may be caution laps along the way, prohibiting us from proceeding forward. However, those are the opportunities where most learning takes place. Later in the race, we will be able to keep our foot on the accelerator and cross the finish line!

This summer, I encourage each of you to persevere. Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal, even when cautions arise. Who knows, you could take home the checkered flag.

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