Culture is everything

Week two is in the books! Work is slowly but surely beginning to pick up as we engage in summer planning and project implementation. One thing I’ve come to learn is that culture is of great importance in Milwaukee.

The people, the sights, the food and beverages and the environment are all factors in the vibrant culture of this city. Today, I had a chance to indulge in one prominent part of Milwaukee culture: a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game.

Milwaukee Brewers game

Although this was not my first baseball game, it was my first Major League Baseball event. And geez, I sure have been missing out!

Growing up in Ohio, I’m surrounded by MLB teams. However, I never took the time to follow teams or attend a game. Coming to Milwaukee for the summer, I made it a goal to visit Miller Park at least once, since it was a short 10 minute drive away. ***Note: I still have not chosen my ‘team’, so feel free to give me your tidbits and suggestions on who to cheer for.

One of mine and Becca’s (the roommie) coworkers offered two extra tickets he had to attend the game. We didn’t have finalized plans for this long holiday weekend, so of course we jumped on the opportunity!

It was interesting for us to go to the game and experience the friendly, energetic environment from tailgating to cheering on the Brewers against the Pittsburg Pirates. Little did I know, the Brewers are not that good this season. However, that did not crush the spirit found in the stadium for their home team.

Tailgating and enjoying Miller Park

From this past week, I have found that understanding and embracing culture is a large portion of an experience in a new place. It can help you get a feel for why people and things are the way they are.

For me, I can analyze what type of culture I want to surround myself with when I complete college and begin a career. I know that the culture in my hometown, versus the culture of Columbus, versus the culture in Milwaukee are each different. And with that in mind, I can see what I like and dislike in each situation. What about you? How important is culture for your future?

If we think about it, culture is everything.

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