Sweet as sugar… or a pluot

I like sweets. A lot. If there is a reasonable amount of sugar in it, odds are, I will enjoy it. One type of food I really love is fruit. On a visit to Kingsburg Orchards in Kingsburg, Calif., I discovered a new favorite: the pluot.No, I am not making this up. Kingsburg Orchards grows … Continue reading Sweet as sugar… or a pluot

Nuts…about agriculture

I've been told I have a quirky personality. And, I might be a little nuts. But, as I continue my internship and exploring the world around me, I'm not just nuts. I'm nuts about agriculture.While in California, the whole "being nuts" got to my head when we learning more about nut production in the industry. … Continue reading Nuts…about agriculture

Meeting market needs 7,000 acres at a time

Don is showing us an onion he pulled out of the field.Many consumers underestimate the demands that agriculturalists meet on a daily basis. It isn't just a matter of making the highest dollar.Farmers and ranchers must meet the market needs while providing the best care for their crops and animals. They typically choose between production … Continue reading Meeting market needs 7,000 acres at a time

Farming families rely on fathers

Yesterday signified a day where many people honor their fathers. These are the men who not only helped bring us into the world, but hold an important role in the development of our lives. For me, it has taken more time to truly understand the sacrifices my own father makes to provide for my family. … Continue reading Farming families rely on fathers

Word of the Day: Cluster

This past week was very exciting! Because it was so exciting, I will be splitting up my adventures into more than one post. I had the privilege to travel with the AFA Student Advisory Team┬áto Fresno, Calif. for our June meeting and industry visits from June 8-11. Not only was this my first time in … Continue reading Word of the Day: Cluster

Eat more ice cream!

Simple concept, right? Who doesn't like a cool, refreshing cone or bowl of ice cream in the warming spring and summer months? If you are lactose intolerant, I extend my deepest sympathy. Especially because June is National Dairy Month! Seeing that I am in Wisconsin, the state of cheeseheads and dairy enthusiasts, I only find … Continue reading Eat more ice cream!

I’m a baker not a ballerina

Outside of my 40 hour work week, I wanted to find some other ways to stay active and healthy! Two of these hobbies that go hand-in-hand are cooking and exercising. On Friday night, I took my Betty Crocker skills to the kitchen by baking some blueberry banana muffins! You may think that is an odd … Continue reading I’m a baker not a ballerina