Eat more ice cream!

June is National Dairy MonthSimple concept, right? Who doesn’t like a cool, refreshing cone or bowl of ice cream in the warming spring and summer months? If you are lactose intolerant, I extend my deepest sympathy. Especially because June is National Dairy Month! Seeing that I am in Wisconsin, the state of cheeseheads and dairy enthusiasts, I only find it fitting to partake in the bountiful festivities throughout this month.

Starting off, Becca, my roommate, fellow Bader Rutter intern and dairy enthusiast from Pennsylvania, persuaded me to go with her after work one day to Lee’s Dairy Treat. Even though I have been on a health kick and avoiding sweets at all costs, this food option was one I could not turn down and it didn’t take much prodding to get me to join her.

This family-owned ice cream shop is celebrating its 43rd year and takes claim as the best soft serve shop in Milwaukee. My taste buds were not deceived by this claim.

With recommendation, I tried the raspberry swirl dipped cone. It was a fantastic choice.

Lee's Dairy Treat - Raspberry Swirl Dipped Cone

Even though we are already six days in to June and I have only celebrated National Dairy Month once so far, I have found plenty of opportunities to meet my need for cheese and other dairy delicacies. The Dairy Days of Summer have just begun and I plan to take full advantage of them. After all, life is about the little things like enjoying ice cream on a glorious spring day. In addition to enjoying the little things, it important to know where they come from. I am proud to see increased advocacy and education about dairy production and the agriculture industry at these events and through social media.

How are you celebrating National Dairy Month and all of the wonderful goodies our hard-working dairy farmers and cows provide to us? I encourage you to find out more about dairy production to whole-heartedly appreciate the milk, yogurt and ice cream you are eating.

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