5 reasons I love July

This summer, I am embracing the good in life around me. By doing that, I am spending more time on the things I enjoy and that make me happy. July is an absolute favorite. I have narrowed down my top 5 reasons I love this month and why you might too.

5. Warm weather

This year hasn’t been the best example of my first point. But, I love the summer sunshine! High temperatures are great for summer fashion, outdoor activities and of course, attaining that golden-bronze tan. One activity I have enjoyed so far is music concerts. Here is a photo (I’m on the left) from Country USA, where I witnessed artists including Billy Currington, Toby Keith and Dierks Bentley. 

4. Fair season begins

Growing up, the Wood County Fair was my summer apex. From showing cattle and goats to experiencing the fair parades, food and demolition derbies, fairs are the culmination of culture in the rural and urban community. This year, I won’t make it to my home fair. However, I will be adventuring to the Wisconsin State Fair to see what promise the “Dairyland” holds. The goats on the right are my sisters goats for the fair. While I was home during Independence Day weekend, I helped her continue training them.

3. My birthday

I am not usually the biggest fanatic about my birthday. Typically, it is just another day of the year. This time, it indicates a milestone in my life: the big 2-1. In one week, I will hit that pinnacle age of adulthood. It is unreal to me how quickly time goes by and that in addition to becoming 21, I will be graduating from The Ohio State University in May. Real life is approaching quickly. Look forward to seeing a post about my birthday, as I won’t be having the stereotypical 21st celebration!

2. Grilling and cookouts

As you may have observed in recent posts, I love food. Summer is the perfect time to dust off the grill and cook outside. I am not as experienced in “grilling methods”, but I am hoping to learn more while the weather cooperates. Cookouts are also a wonderful opportunity for socializing. At Bader Rutter, we have already had two different cookouts to promote comradery.

1. Agriculture at its prime

Summer is the best time to appreciate agriculture. From witnessing growth in the crop fields to seeing farm equipment chugging down the road, agriculture is at its prime. These are the best indicators of our nation’s prosperity. Food is the foundation of our nation. As long as we continue to see farmers and ranchers working meticulously in our rural communities, we will know that our food supply is in good hands. This corn I photographed is around 6 foot high. So much for the saying, “knee high by the fourth of July!”
Now that you know my top 5, what isn’t there to love about July? 

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