You can’t stop the music

“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” – Aaron Copland

Alto SaxophoneMusic is one of my getaways. I enjoy listening to music on the radio or iTunes. I also love to create music. In fifth grade, I began playing the alto saxophone. I was attracted to the instrument not only for its sleek, metallic appearance, but for the vibrant, sassy tones that could be produced. I took private lessons for 9 months to advance my skills. In sixth grade, my band director approached me with a new musical opportunity. He proposed I begin playing the oboe.

OboeWith the initial idea, I thought no way! Why waste my time with a different instrument, when I could continue to improve on the sax? Well, the next day in band, my instructor brought me the instrument and played a few rhythms. I was sold. Since that day, my musical enjoyment has grown exponentially. I began taking private lessons on my oboe, was section leader for two years during marching band, first alto in jazz band and a soloist for concerts and contests. I was even selected as a 2010 National FFA Band member.

However, after high school graduation, I had lost my touch with music. I became engulfed by the “college atmosphere”. My GPA, friends and student organizations took precedence over spending a few hours a day or week playing my instruments. I knew I should start playing again, but I always had some excuse avoiding the idea.

Now I know, you can’t stop the music.

Alto Saxophone mouthpieceMy sister, a talented instrumentalist on the trombone, has been very persistent for me to start playing again. While I was home this past weekend, I accepted that challenge. I took out the oboe and saxophone and played some pieces with her. I found out that my skills weren’t as rusty as I expected.

Playing some old tunes not only brought back good memories, but a feeling of comfort and relaxation I had not felt for a while. I have always heard you need to find an activity or hobby that is separate from your work. It has taken me time to realize that music is one for me.

What is something you enjoy doing but don’t make time to do because it isn’t a ‘priority’? Go do it. Odds are, it brings you happiness.
Don’t stop the music.

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