Strong leaders have discipline

Image courtesy of Columbus Monthly.

There are many different types of leaders who have various characteristics and skills. One of the strongest types of leaders I have seen have discipline. This discipline is not just following rules or criteria, but having a firm understanding of how to grow themselves and others.

One of these leaders is Urban Meyer.

I don’t discuss sports a lot. Frankly, I don’t understand or follow them enough to do so. However, recent news about the Ohio State Buckeyes head coach and our football players has brought to my attention a valuable leadership trait.

Discipline comes from understanding and experience. As mentioned in another article, Coach Meyer acknowledges his players have made some mistakes. Now, it is time to learn from them.

Meyer is an experienced coach in football and leadership. He must share what discipline means to him with the players and facilitate that learning. Leaders are best know for influencing others. If Meyer can do that with his level of discipline as a coach and a mentor, the Buckeyes have great potential for the upcoming season.

In my title, I described strong leaders having discipline. My thoughts behind strength are from the idea that to face negativity and criticism, you must be disciplined to move past it productively. It is easy to become defensive and extreme when you are passionate for someone or something. We must be strong to think about the future before we act in the present.

These are the type of people in leadership positions of companies and organizations. They can objectively see what steps should be taken to proceed and do so successfully.

What specific industries or positions do you think require more discipline than others? How do these leaders exemplify strong leadership?

We will see in upcoming weeks how my Buckeyes grow and prepare for kickoff of football season. Will they have the discipline from their coach to go 12-0 once more?

Go Bucks!

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