Understand your past to shape your future

On Sunday, my fellow Milwaukee interns and I ventured out to gain a deeper understanding of our culture at German Fest. This was a remarkable experience and by far the best festival I have attended this summer! As you can see from the images below, there was quite a bit going on and it was fun for me to embrace the culture that makes up a large piece of my family heritage. 
Some old school Volkswagon cars were there, including the Herbie car!
Checked out some decorative beir (as they spell it in Germany) steins.
There were many fun merchandise options and this was one of my favorites.
I ate some weiner schnitzel and sweet potato salad, drank Amber Treasures beer
from a souvenir stein and watched a costumed youth parade.  
Here is a Vine I forgot I created that day as well!

As I experienced German Fest, I felt a deep appreciation for my relatives and the culture they have passed down through my family. It was interesting to learn more that I didn’t know about Germans and now, I can embody those details that are part of my life.

It isn’t just culture that we should appreciate. Everything in our past has a meaning and shapes us into the people we are today. Success, failures, happiness and sadness all play a role in sculpting who we are today and in the future. 
Is there something you have learned about yourself recently that was contributed from a past experience? How have you embraced that piece of you for your future?