Begin the last chapter with the end in mind

I have made it. It is crazy to think I have already begun the last chapter... my senior year. Unfortunately, I am experiencing extreme senioritis. With five classes and many extra curricular activities, I am getting overwhelmed in "restart mode".As I look at this last chapter, I am realizing it is time to embrace it … Continue reading Begin the last chapter with the end in mind

Testimonial to Bader Rutter

Since the first day I walked through the doors of Pinnacle 2 at 13845 Bishop's Drive, I knew this would be a different summer experience. A new location, new internship focus and new company had much potential. Now that my temporary stay at Bader Rutter is complete, I am confident the people of this organization … Continue reading Testimonial to Bader Rutter

Petri beef… the start of a food evolution?

As we approach upcoming years with uncertainty of population and food availability, researchers and producers are discovering new ways to feed the growing world. Scientists in London have just developed a new opportunity for our taste buds. They grew hamburger. This isn't your normal burger than you would get from a meat or grocery store. … Continue reading Petri beef… the start of a food evolution?

Are we qualified?

What qualifies us to blog? What influence does our writing have on others -- just because we share our stories and input? We may not be as qualified as you'd think.Sure, it's our right to voice our thoughts and feelings. That is one reason I began my blog. I felt inspired to share my passions … Continue reading Are we qualified?

I don’t want to die

My biggest worry is to die -- without a life purpose or meaning. These past few months have made me realize that there are many ways I can create that meaning and purpose I seek."Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die." This quote by Tom Clancy could not be more clear for … Continue reading I don’t want to die