I don’t want to die

My biggest worry is to die — without a life purpose or meaning. These past few months have made me realize that there are many ways I can create that meaning and purpose I seek.

“Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.”

This quote by Tom Clancy could not be more clear for me. I am constantly learning about myself and the different career paths ahead and things that interest or excite me. I know that the more I continue to learn, the more sense my future will make. 
I have one work week remaining of my internship. It is unbelievable how quickly three months can fly by when at first, it seemed to move at a sluggish pace. I have met some amazing individuals and many I am sure I will stay connected with later in life. 
While having lunch with some coworkers this week, they shared much advice. Here are three key takeaways I am going to start implementing more to continue learning and so I won’t die without a purpose.
1. Know your talents. To gain the most from yourself, find out what you do best. Once you have your talents pinpointed, use them. Share those talents. Serve others and the greater good with them. The more you share your talents and strengths with others, the more you learn from others and yourself.
2. Take risks. Step outside your comfort zone to see opportunities you may not have noticed otherwise. Never be afraid to fail. Some of the truest leaders in our lifetime experienced great loss and failure and recovered from those experiences to do miraculous things.
3. Live positively. Circumstances always change. However, having a positive outlook provides more strength and opportunity to learn. More importantly, experiences are more fun with positivity. If you can find the light in a dark room, there is no need to focus on the shadows.

What are you doing to learn continuously?

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