Petri beef… the start of a food evolution?

As we approach upcoming years with uncertainty of population and food availability, researchers and producers are discovering new ways to feed the growing world. Scientists in London have just developed a new opportunity for our taste buds. They grew hamburger. This isn’t your normal burger than you would get from a meat or grocery store. It was created from stem cells from cattle in a laboratory.

As a beef producer myself, I am skeptical this “petri burger” will taste as good as the home grown, corn-fed beef raised on my farm in Ohio. However, it raises a great discussion piece. What will be the most economical, sustainable ways to provide for a growing world? If creating petri beef can decrease food and production costs, it sounds like a great long-term plan. Once a burger doesn’t cost nearly $300,000 a piece, perhaps? I would be up for a taste.

What do you think about this petri beef?

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