Testimonial to Bader Rutter

Since the first day I walked through the doors of Pinnacle 2 at 13845 Bishop’s Drive, I knew this would be a different summer experience. A new location, new internship focus and new company had much potential. Now that my temporary stay at Bader Rutter is complete, I am confident the people of this organization have more value than what is on the name plate. They are part of the Bader Rutter family.
Last lunch with some of my PR and writing coworkers.
I wasn’t sure what this meant when I first heard it from lead executives of the agency. Now, I know it embodies more than the collaboration in meetings to produce high-quality work. BR possess a culture with appreciation and support to cultivate relationships and life-long learning. Whether I was writing a feature article, researching information on millennials or critiquing product videos, I was not seen as an intern. I was a fellow cohort to the crafty, creative minds providing innovation in every medium.
This new family taught me more than just writing, research and strategy. 
I have also learned:

  • Concise is key to great writing.
  • There is no greater value to your client than understanding their business and needs.
  • Become a master of your skill and work with others who offer different skills.
  • The “Chop Shop” can do everything and anything — given notice and time.
  • It is great to have an oracle like strategy and BAM on your side.
  • Everyone in PR knows content is king.
  • An open-door policy provides the best work environment.
  • Nothing is more competitive than winning the agency league softball games.
  • Having a drink at 4:30 on Friday afternoon in the office is an employee requirement.
  • When in need of an afternoon snack, look first in the dairy suite and on the third floor.
  • Job numbers correspond with everything.
  • No matter the scale of the project, treat them all with the same level of importance.
  • Social is no longer a subset of PR. It is integrated into everything.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of taking a quick break.
  • Motivation is great. Now, do something with it.
I salute you, Bader Rutter — the newest step in my winding career path and a network of outstanding professionals I can guarantee will do great things in the future.
Thanks for sharing Wisconsin and Milwaukee! 
However, we will never share alliance on sports teams. 
See you on Sept. 28th in The Shoe. Go Bucks!

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