Begin the last chapter with the end in mind

I have made it. It is crazy to think I have already begun the last chapter… my senior year. Unfortunately, I am experiencing extreme senioritis. With five classes and many extra curricular activities, I am getting overwhelmed in “restart mode”.

As I look at this last chapter, I am realizing it is time to embrace it and take it all in. These past few months, I have been given a lot of advice. Whether I am talking to business leaders or academic professors, there is one thing they all suggestion: don’t wish away time.

This summer went by quick with my internship and AFA meetings and visits.
This photo is from the Ohio visits a group of us AFA students conducted.

I never intentionally try to accelerate the process, but my desire to become a business woman makes me very futurist in my activities. Everything I have done from freshman year until now has been in preparation for the “real world”. All I want to do is implement the skills I have gained. Patience is one skill I am still working on. In time, perhaps I will get better at it.

As I begin the last chapter with the end in mind, I am reflecting on insights I have gained from professionals during my summer experiences and beyond. For a leaders project in AFA, I interviewed some leaders I aspire to be like in my career. They gave me great knowledge I would like to share with you. Find out those details by viewing my Prezi below.

Now that you know some thought into where my next steps may go, how are you going to begin with the end in mind?

4 thoughts on “Begin the last chapter with the end in mind

  • Some good comments made by your mentors there. The only thing your auntie can add here is to not get too caught up in your business goals that your forget to enjoy life too. I sure have changed career paths over the years and I've finally figured out that helping people and working with kids is a strong point for me. You'll get it all figured out in the end but never forget that how you treat people is often what will be most remembered about you:) Have a great year!!


  • Darrell,

    Thanks for sending that speech! The piece that really hits home is, “To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble.”

    I hope I can do that as this life journey continues!


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