The culture of agriculture

Culture is a component increasingly important as I continue the career search. However, the past two days at the CropLife America annual meeting reminded me there is more than just culture of a company.It was humbling to be surrounded by individuals involved with organizations devoted to improving modern agriculture practices. As the only student representative … Continue reading The culture of agriculture

Do good for the greater good

At this moment, I am on a charter bus headed to East Lansing, Mi. Why? Some sisters of Alpha Xi Delta are on our way to Michigan State University to recruit women to join the first Alpha Xi chapter at MSU!This is not just exciting for our national organization to continue expansion around the U.S., … Continue reading Do good for the greater good

Two significant birthdays for Sept. 17th

Image courtesy of National Archives website.Today marks the birthdays for two important pieces of American history: The Ohio State University and the U.S. Constitution.In 1787, James Madison took his initiative and beliefs that the Articles of Confederation were not enough to build a strong federal government. So, the Constitution of the United States was written. … Continue reading Two significant birthdays for Sept. 17th

Think like an economist

This weekend, I had another meeting in Kansas City for AFA. This trip focused on conference prep, but as always, personal develop. With that, we conducted a lunch visit with UMB Bank. I have become more adapt to reading the financial articles on LinkedIn and the occasional Wall Street Journal. But when talking with businessmen … Continue reading Think like an economist

"The Scarecrow" scare tactic

The scarecrow is an original creature used to prevent pests like birds and small mammals from harming crops in farm fields. This old school scare tactic has been outdated as farmers and ranchers have adapted and integrated new protective actions like nets and aluminum "reflectors".However, there is another business that is trying to reinvent the … Continue reading "The Scarecrow" scare tactic

Take a bite from our ethics

This semester I am taking a media law and ethics class, as well as an ethical leadership class. Little did I know when scheduling last spring that these two would compliment one another so well. In the past few weeks, we have reviewed the structure of ethical decision-making, how they are perceived by the public, … Continue reading Take a bite from our ethics

I don’t have time. Actually, I just don’t make time.

Time: it rules our lives. We plan time for meetings, set time for classes and homework, spend time with friends and family, and are always looking to save time or wish it by faster. Why then, do we always make the excuse that we don't have time? Is it that we truly are lacking time … Continue reading I don’t have time. Actually, I just don’t make time.