I don’t have time. Actually, I just don’t make time.

Time: it rules our lives. We plan time for meetings, set time for classes and homework, spend time with friends and family, and are always looking to save time or wish it by faster. Why then, do we always make the excuse that we don’t have time? Is it that we truly are lacking time to go meet up with colleagues or take one hour of your day to work out?

I don’t think so.

Take a peak at the infographic from Socially Aware Blog (click through for more statistics).

These are just a few numbers to put it into perspective. It appears we may have more time available at our finger tips than we imagine. We are just using those minutes for online activities, rather than physical projects or plans.

One thing I do personally is spend more time working instead of inputing leisure and relaxing activities into my day like reading a book, baking a pie or meeting a friend for drinks. Why?

My priority list. I have developed a habit that needs broken. Looking forward, I am in my senior year in college and now is the time to remove the “I don’t have time” phrase from my brain. I can make time for the things I want to accomplish this year and in life down the road.

This weekend, I went home. Not because I had work to do, but because I made time for my family and to relax. Yes, I did play with the plethora of barn cats we have acquired. Sure, I did go help dad care for the cows in the barn (and got a little dirty doing it). These were things I wanted to do and made time to do for myself.

What are you going to make time to do? If it is spending time with me, I look forward to making plans!

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