Two significant birthdays for Sept. 17th

Image courtesy of National Archives website.

Today marks the birthdays for two important pieces of American history: The Ohio State University and the U.S. Constitution.

In 1787, James Madison took his initiative and beliefs that the Articles of Confederation were not enough to build a strong federal government. So, the Constitution of the United States was written. Today, just 226 years later, this document signifies the establishment and purpose of our government and protects the right of American citizens.

Today, this document is not just referenced in my history course and in the courtroom. It represents the freedom our country has to be a leader across the globe.

This is also the date of something else near and dear to the Buckeyes around the world. What first started as Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, The Ohio State University began 140 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State was not just one of the first land grant institutions around the country. It is a leader in by providing extension education for youth and adults, and also implementing research as a core value of the university.

The original depiction of OSU.
Arial view of the Oval, the central point on campus.
Growing up involved in agriculture makes me proud to share the heritage of my university and its installment in 1870. The Neil Family Farm donated the original land to OSU, and that is why Neil Avenue is named accordingly. Today, as one of nearly 2500 students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, it is exciting to have such a deep connection to that history.
History is something I wish was more cherished in our society today. Reflecting on the impact that farmers and politicians have had and continue to have on our future, it inspires me to be more engaged in prepare for tomorrow’s needs. Two of these needs are improving education and feeding the world.
As you think about these two birthdays, remember that all impactful ideas start out small. It takes larger actions to make them happen!

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