Do good for the greater good

At this moment, I am on a charter bus headed to East Lansing, Mi. Why? Some sisters of Alpha Xi Delta are on our way to Michigan State University to recruit women to join the first Alpha Xi chapter at MSU!

This is not just exciting for our national organization to continue expansion around the U.S., but for my sisters and me to step outside our comfort zones and do an act of good for others.

After being a member for almost two years now, I have discovered the Greek community is filled with givers. Women and men in Greek organizations are willing to give time and money for many beneficiaries. This weekend, my sisters and I give our time, without payment, because we believe in the advancement of our organization around the country.

Some of my sisters at BuckeyeThon last year.
A few sisters at Midwest Officer Training last spring.

Tomorrow, we will be part of a historical moment for our national fraternity. But, we do it with a pure heart and an excited mind. What inspires you to do good? Is it a resume builder? School or club requirement? Or selfless act that makes you happy to help others?

I know for me, I aspire to do good for the greater good.

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