The culture of agriculture

Culture is a component increasingly important as I continue the career search. However, the past two days at the CropLife America annual meeting reminded me there is more than just culture of a company.

It was humbling to be surrounded by individuals involved with organizations devoted to improving modern agriculture practices. As the only student representative from AFA, I brought a unique perspective to the conversations with leading companies in crop protection services. Whether we discussed how agriculture is continuing to evolve, ways that AFA and their organizations could collaborate or college football (since we all know Ohio State has a great program), the environment was refreshing. People in agriculture have a distinct quality that makes the conversation natural and sincere. There is a deeper culture in agriculture.

The people in the industry show more compassion and hard work than I have ever experienced. Hearing the stories from some of the key leaders in agriculture was not just enlightening for myself as I enter the workforce, but inspiring. Everyone must work his or her way through the system. You can’t just snap your fingers and become the president of an organization. However, because of the close-knit community agriculture is know for, we can work our way more quickly and with supporters by our sides. The relationships and networks our industry contains is something other industries should take note of. However, I don’t think they could ever produce the winning combination of people, passion and performance agriculture possesses.

I had the pleasure to speak with Brennan Costello of the National FFA Organization and address the audience on a topic for the future. The discussion of sustainability. No, not just sustainability of feeding the world. Sustainability of having students to join Brennan, me and many other young, aspiring agriculturalists as the arising talent of our industry. How can we engage new, excited talent to join in the opportunity to feed the world, feed ourselves? Share the culture of agriculture. 

Caroline Weihl and Brennan Costello

That is what I strive to do. Share the culture I have grown up in and the culture I am looking to stay in the rest of my life. Agriculture has much opportunity and it is time to help others see that.

What ways are you sharing the culture of agriculture?

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