No days off, but always thankful.

Coming home this holiday season, it is nice to take a break from school, relax and embrace some time at home with the family. However, when I come home, the term relax is used loosely. One thing is certain: on a farm, there are no days off. But, we are always thankful.Thanksgiving is a day … Continue reading No days off, but always thankful.

Time and change will surely show

It is hard to comprehend how fast time goes by sometimes. We take for granted many things in our lives and lose touch of some that have served as the foundation for our development. This past week reopened my eyes that yes, time moves very quickly.Smirnoff (yes, he is named Smirnoff) and his familyare off … Continue reading Time and change will surely show

6 Roles in 6 Years

***UPDATE 11/26/13: New article added to completed articles from convention. See bottom of post.Just like a large portion of youth involved in agriculture, FFA played a large role in my leadership development and passion for the industry. This past week was the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo and as I was recollecting on the … Continue reading 6 Roles in 6 Years