Time and change will surely show

It is hard to comprehend how fast time goes by sometimes. We take for granted many things in our lives and lose touch of some that have served as the foundation for our development. This past week reopened my eyes that yes, time moves very quickly.

Smirnoff (yes, he is named Smirnoff) and his family
are off to a new home.

No More Alpacas. 

I said it. I am officially out of the alpaca business. My two males and two females were sold to a farmer in Indiana. It has not hit me quite yet, as I am still in Columbus for our last few weeks of school, but when I go home and cannot see these beautiful creatures, it will be different.
Since my 16th birthday, I have owned alpacas. Now, 21 years old and preparing to enter the professional world, I knew I could not keep the alpacas — due to uncertainty of my location and future. After graduation and some years down the road, time and change will surely show if I can get involved with the livestock industry once more. Fingers crossed!

Last Football Game.

Panorama of the Skull Session in St. John’s Arena.

This group of amazing senior girls at our last home game —
in AA seats of course. 
This weekend was my last Ohio State football game as a student. From attending Skull Session to singing Carmen Ohio in the Shoe brought a fast realization that my senior year is halfway complete. It is crazy to think that I attended my first OSU football game four years ago. As we celebrate #BeatMichigan week, I also remember attending my first Ohio State v. (that state up north) game. I never claimed to be an avid Buckeye fan, but have grown to have much pride and spirit for my team. 

Senior Spotlight, Alpha Xi Delta Style.

My little sister Laura and I.

During our chapter meetings for the sorority, graduating seniors are recognized. Last week, I was the designated senior. My little sister, Laura, read me a letter about our time together. Hearing her share her experiences that I helped contribute to in the sorority made me melt. Sometimes, we need to hear the thoughts from others in our lives to bring it all full circle. Laura helped me remember that all I have done and continue to do for our organization does make a difference. It takes some time for us to see it in many instances. 

What About YOUR Time?

As you can see, time flies when you are having fun. What can we do to make it slow down? Nothing. But, we can embrace the time we have now and make it all worth while. How will you do that?

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