Why not disconnect?

Abominable snowman with smart phone
Photo from mashable.com

What is the purpose of social media? To stay connected with all your friends, relatives, peers, coworkers, professors, animals and long-lost Abominable snowman, right? It is nice to have the minute-to-minute updates from all the people and news sources in our lives. But sometimes, I think it is down right obnoxious, annoying and tiring.

There are many times I just want to disconnect for a while. It is refreshing to take a break from the hullabaloo of social media that can wear us down. Whenever I go home for a weekend or break, I try my best to keep my iPhone away so I can embrace the present people around me. And you know what? It is less stressful that way!

Hobbit House in New Zealand
Photo courtesy of Cambodia Herald

Tomorrow, I depart for a 10-day study abroad trip to New Zealand. The land of the sheep and hobbits awaits me and 39 other Buckeyes to learn about human and animal interactions. These trip is focused primarily on animal sciences, however, I bring in a unique communications, marketing and policy aspect to the discussions. I can’t wait to explore more about this strong agriculture country, and do some touristy things as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t think our group will make it to see some hobbit houses. But, there is a high chance we will be embracing one of New Zealand’s inventions: bungee jumping!

With all these fun activities to experience and see, why not disconnect for a few short days? I plan to take my DSLR camera with me to capture many many photos and will be journaling along the way. Therefore, the instantaneous notion of Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and Instagram updates can wait.

Taking photographs at the Cliffs of Mohr last December.

So, even though you won’t have the constant notifications on your tablets, computers and phones that I am “visiting a sheep farm in Auckland” or “wine tasting at a local winery” immediately when it happens, you can be sure that I will reflect about my experiences after I fully embrace them. In case you are wondering, my parents already know I won’t be in constant contact. Last December, the same thing happened when I went to Ireland on a study abroad. I am lucky they are so understanding of my adventurous side.

And as for adventure, let’s hope nothing happens when we decide to go bungee jumping, as my international insurance doesn’t cover it. But, that’s all part of the thrill, right? Hopefully, I’ll have some footage to show when I return. As I disconnect, I wish you well! E noho ra!

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