Can you invent something like the Tree T-Pee? Only if you have a heart like Johnny.

Tree T-Pee

My mom likes to send me emails of things I should have seen in the news or forwards that will give me a good laugh. One email she sent me today was more impactful than that. It was an article written by Farm and Dairy about the Tree T-Pee.

If you have ever watched ABC’s Shark Tank, you can see entrepreneurs bring their start up businesses to these business guru’s who may choose to invest in the products or services pitched to them.
In a recent episode, Johnny pitched the Tree T-Pee. Please watch the 10-minute segment below, starting at 32:45.

Johnny Has Heart

After watching that video, it was obvious Johnny had heart. Not only did he understand his customers, the farmers, and what his product could do for them, but he was not going to alter his price to increase his profit if it was going to hurt his customers and the long-term effect of the industry. I think this is a standout example of what people in the agriculture industry truly believe — it isn’t always about making the last dollar, but making the last dollar worth it to someone else.
Sometimes, our fast-paced, first-world society gets caught up in the “money factor”. I am fortunate to know that even though money is important, it is not top priority. I couldn’t imagine going into a career outside the agriculture industry because of this factor. Agriculture has heart.
As young leaders, this is a characteristic I think makes the few stand out among the many. If you have heart, compassion and integrity for the people you are working with and impacting, you will be successful. Now, I just need to find the right invention and get going.

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