Workout Wednesday – Take it to the Bench

Life is busy. For some, you may barely have time to eat lunch or make a quick call to an old friend. As we age, it can be even more difficult to balance our time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This past summer, I found that out when working 40-hour work weeks at my internship. Not only are you tired after a long day at work, but the motivation to do anything but sit on the couch and either read a book or watch TV is daunting. But, as you activity level declines, so does your physical health.

This school year, I have made it a goal to become more active in the gym and make my physical health a priority. I have always had a high metabolism — I took it for granted. Now, it has become clear to me that eating healthy and being physically fit is a necessary balance to stay successful in the working world.

I’m No Runner

From doing track in middle school and the beginning of high school, I knew running wasn’t my thing. I was never the fastest nor did it ever “click” with something I truly enjoyed. However, I knew it was good for me. To this day, I still hate cardio. I get bored, and it does not excite me. Lucky for me, I found something better.
Yoga session in action.
Ohio State Rec Sports offers many facilities and free workout classes for its students. I have taken advantage of some of these to add diversity to my exercise schedule and push me harder. Yoga is one of my favorite exercises to enhance flexibility, toning and relaxation. There are others like suspension training and strength building classes I have attended that are really fun, yet challenging as well! If you are ever unmotivated to workout, going to a class with a group is definitely a momentum boost in my experience. Even if you are struggling, odds are, you aren’t the only one pushed to your limits!
But, just attending these classes can be tedious. I recently found a new workout method that I am running with to build my physical health.

Why I Powerlift

At the start of the semester, I signed up for a free workout group called Barbelles. Unknowably, I fell in love with powerlifting for women. We have weekly “lectures” to discuss techniques and powerlifting for women and what are some of the differences between cardio and strength training. Then, we practice them at a weekly training. I had been doing some weightlifting on the side since the start of college. This course has re-inspired me to try something new and take one hour of my day to become strong(her)
bench press
Practice technique first.
bench press right
Then, add more weight to be stronger.

On Tuesday, I discovered I had been bench pressing with incorrect, possibly danger technique for YEARS. Now, I need to retrain my body to adjust and this will not only help me become stronger, but open possibilities for a new hobby: powerlifting. This is my new choice for health and fitness. Even though my schedule can be hectic, I make sure to schedule a workout in as a priority, because my life is worth it. 

Fitness For You

One hour day of exercise is all you need. Powerlifting is that one hour for me. What is best for you? Swimming? Running? Cycling? A combination of them all? Either way, being busy isn’t a good excuse in my book. Plan it into your schedule and make it happen. 
I am attending the Arnold Sports Festival for the first time this weekend. I hope to learn something new and continue to add balance to my life. How do you balance a healthy lifestyle? Do you like to lift as well? Let me know and I’d love to share more thoughts. Hope to see you at the gym!

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