Make it good, make it last

Last CFAES banquet, just being goofy!

The past month has been a lot of “lasts”. As I near graduation on May 4th, I have had my last days of class, my last CFAES Banquet, last exams and last times spent with friends, sorority sisters and role models on campus at The Ohio State University.

Even though I am eagerly celebrating these lasts, I am sure a few months into my full-time job I will be missing many things. This won’t be because I want to go back and do my undergraduate career again. It will be based on the fact that I was able to get the most out of my experience and make it a good one. Often in life, we don’t get a second chance. We can’t get practice for the big game in all aspects of life. Instead, it is game day almost every day.

One of the hardest lasts I had was with the passing of my grandfather about three weeks ago. He had been ill for a while and I know now that he is in a better place. However, with him gone, it has made me realize how precious our time is to share with people and to not let our moments be mediocre. He has been one of my closest relatives and helped me grow as a young woman, carpenter and fisher. However, I did not get as much time with him as I would have liked. Now, there are more people in my life who may not be passing away, but are moving on to a new stage of life.

Me, grandpa and my sister on my birthday a while back.

With just a week until graduation, I am doing my best to make it good and make it last. It’s time to make the moments with impactful people in my life before we move on to different parts of our lives.

In reality, I may never see some of these people again. Here are a few questions I want you to ponder as you experience moments in life, whether they are your “last” or not.

  • Did you have a smile on your face?
  • Did you make someone else smile?
  • If not, why not?
  • Will these life experiences be something you will remember years later?
  • How can you make this the opportunity of a lifetime?
  • Did you make it good and make it last?

I hope these questions provoke thoughts about your experiences. Live your moments and it will show.
Spending time at a crawl for cancer
with great sorority sisters.

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