Girl In A Country Song | I’m not THAT girl!

I’m a fan of today’s country music. It has a bit more pop, more rock and eclectic tones that make you want to sing along. Male country vocalists have taken the spotlight the past few years with most current hits and trendy songs. I think this is about to change.

Check out the video from Maddie & Tae, Girl In A Country Song.

Leadership isn’t just an action, it’s a habit.

That, my friends, is country music innovation! Not only is it catchy, but it is realistic and the lyrics speak volumes to the shift we have experienced in content for the industry. I am by no means a feminist. But, I do think this is the time to step up and speak out about how different society has become, especially for women.

For example, more women are moving into leadership roles than ever before and are also becoming engaged in different career fields and jobs than typically seen. In the agriculture industry especially, the number of women in the workforce has increased dramatically! We are starting our own pathways to successful lives, whether as stay-at-home mothers, CEOs of companies, or just beginning our careers like me in agricultural sales.

Country Girl

It is easy to see that the majority of attractive women in today’s world are not like the “girl in a country song”. Stick to your values and beliefs and don’t let trends or society change you.
Don’t y’all agree?

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