No longer a trainee; soon to be a Nebraska Cornhusker.

Sometimes, I question where time goes. It seems like yesterday when I first received my offer as a Developmental Sales Representative (DSR) with Syngenta. Almost exactly one year ago from today, I accepted to start a new adventure in agricultural sales. My spring semester at Ohio State accelerated just as quickly and June 16th was upon me in an instant.

No longer a trainee, soon to be a Nebraska Cornhusker.From June to now, I have learn many things. One of the most important concepts I grasped has been how to continue learning. I had the opportunity to not just work in Ohio and Indiana, but also travel the country to some of Syngenta’s other facilities in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Tennessee. The group of 21 DSRs have been “drinking from a fire hose” these past few months to understand not just the company and processes behind our innovations, but how our retail customers and local growers are implementing them. The biggest obstacle I faced was feeling I wasn’t learning enough as quickly as I needed to be.

Some days were great; others not so great. One thing is certain, that if you let monotony control you, your job will no longer be fun. Each day became a new one with new people and new things to learn. I couldn’t know everything in that instant. But, I discovered who my resources were that could equip me with answers or other avenues to find them.

The most rewarding experiences I had were stepping onto farmers and talking one on one with these intelligent, progressive businessmen and businesswomen. AgriEdge Excelsior was my main focus this summer and because of this whole-farm management software, I learned even more quickly why numbers and relationships carry the business and help feed and fuel the world.

Those who know me know I love to travel and want to get away from home while I have optimum mobility. This is why I will be heading to Nebraska in the next few weeks. My family and close friends are not as thrilled, but can rest assured that this step will not be the last. I will be working as a retail sales representative in south central Nebraska and am excited to hit the ground running in a new territory with a lot of potential! Just like this quote from Albert Einstein, I was made to perform and be challenged. Moving 12.5 hours from home for the next few years allow for both.

My ship is setting sail for a new territory, new relationships and new opportunities. I look forward to sharing them with you later on in this blog (as long as time permits) and know that in high and low tide, this will be the experience of a lifetime.

Keep me in mind if you ever come to the area or have any insights that might benefit my relocation. I am taking all the advice I can get to better understanding the Cornhusker life!

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