What do you train for? I train for life.

Today, I walked into the YMCA as usual. My Blender Bottle and iPhone in hand, focused and ready to go. Today was an arm and shoulder day, one of my recent favorites. I started with some stretches and warm up movements to get my arms prepped and noticed a young man in his teens and … Continue reading What do you train for? I train for life.

Lost luggage and long meetings

It got lost... again. After all the airfare I have paid these past 12 months and frankly, past 9 years or so I have been flying, you would think I would know better. I consider myself an experienced flier (no, I am not yet TSA Pre-Check certified but I'm sure later on in life, I'll … Continue reading Lost luggage and long meetings

Keep on keeping on in ’15

Life is unexpected. It's hard to believe we have already crossed the bridge to a new year, filled with new adventures, challenges and excitement! Sometimes, there is so much hype about starting a "new year" with "new resolutions" that we forget to acknowledge what unexpected happened in the year prior. Were your goals accomplished? Did … Continue reading Keep on keeping on in ’15