Keep on keeping on in ’15

Life is unexpected. It’s hard to believe we have already crossed the bridge to a new year, filled with new adventures, challenges and excitement! Sometimes, there is so much hype about starting a “new year” with “new resolutions” that we forget to acknowledge what unexpected happened in the year prior. Were your goals accomplished? Did you make new friendships? Did you lose old ones? For myself, I can only create new “resolutions” if I know what results I had the year before.

Bahamas with Caroline

Here are my results from 2014:


Having more fun with friends and family
Being spontaneous by going on trips and making times for others
Graduating with honors from The Ohio State University
Starting a career with a great company for my first post-graduate job
Increasing motivation for physical and emotional health
Moving to Nebraska on my own
Making sound financial investments and savings for my future
Adding another new country to my list visited – Bahamas


Passing of my grandfather
Slacking on blogging and writing
Being impatient and worried about things out of my control
Letting alcohol and bad foods overcome progress on my fitness goals
Leaving my camera behind when photo opportunities came about
Connecting with friends on a frequent basis


Unlike others who get particular about their new year resolutions, I have three simple steps:
Bahamas with Caroline
Work harder, worry less &
have more fun!
  1. Work harder
  2. Worry less
  3. Have more fun
With these 3 broad resolutions, I am planning out 30-day goals for each month, focused on my career, fitness, financial, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, that help me accomplish these three resolutions. Simple, right? Time to keep on keeping on with 2015. Are you with me?
P.S. I am going to revamp my blog in the near future. Look for new features and changes in the coming weeks!

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