Lost luggage and long meetings

It got lost… again. After all the airfare I have paid these past 12 months and frankly, past 9 years or so I have been flying, you would think I would know better. I consider myself an experienced flier (no, I am not yet TSA Pre-Check certified but I’m sure later on in life, I’ll make the investment). Sunday was not a good example of my flying prowess. I checked my bag when I should not have and it got left behind.

I had been waiting for my boarding group in Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The guest services worker asked if anyone was willing to “complementary check” their bag. Since I was not in a hurry with a layover in Dallas and not arriving to Grand Island, Neb. until about 10 p.m., I figured why not. They were covering the costs and it was one less bag to lug around in addition to my exceedingly full backpack, securing two laptop computers, an iPad and camera case with my body and two lenses. The least I could do was provide more overhead bin space for other travelers and continue my voyage back to Nebraska after a nice holiday hiatus. As I handed the clerk my ticket and made my way down the jet bridge, it didn’t occur to me that my bag would not get moved from its location.

The rest of the week was further trying and tiring. Three of five days were spent in meetings that showed there is much to do in the winter for an ag sales representative. Not only is this the end of the busy seed order period, but it’s also a transition for me to take over my accounts fully and start calling on customers by myself. It’s hard to stay focused and organized when living in a hotel for one more week. Fingers crossed, I’m supposed to move in on Monday!

Overwhelmed could not begin to describe my feelings by Friday. However, as I sat here this afternoon, reflecting on the week and what I have accomplished and learned, there was one common theme: grit.

Values.com John Wayne grit

Just like John Wayne, you can’t quit. It seems hard sometimes, but one of the most admirable qualities. No matter what, use your internal motivation and fire. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Do you have that true grit? How do you overcome your tribulations to grow in life and leadership?

Have a great weekend,

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