Do you feel challenged yet?

Time moves quickly, life changes often. I can’t believe it is already March of 2015! It seems like yesterday I graduated from Ohio State and started by first big girl job with Syngenta. Even as this time passes, there are things that feel like they move so slowly. One of them is feeling like an expert in your job.

Every job you have is an unwritten requirement to become an expert. Why you might ask? If you do not know the necessities and fundamentals of your job, you cannot progress to actively learn, grow and excel. Experts excel. 
To learn and grow, you are challenged. Tell me,
People who become successful feel challenged. Every day. The past few months have been extremely challenging for me. Even though I grew up actively involved in the agriculture industry, I have a lot to learn about sales and the seed and chemical business. 
When I was just starting to feel a little more comfortable and getting a grasp of the basics of my role as a retail sales representative, things changed. As of March 1st, I have a new role with Syngenta and will be a Seed Advisor Manager. This changes my focus of working with retailers to sell NK and Syngenta Crop Protection products to focusing on the Seed Advisor business and seed dealer channel for Golden Harvest seed. 
Inspiring quotes
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To say I feel challenged is an understatement. But, you know what? I can handle it. And I accept the challenge fully! One of my favorite quotes is that “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.
I will have had three different job titles and three different managers in the past nine months. You could either look at it as no one likes to manage me or I have a lot of potential ahead of me. I am leaning towards the latter. 🙂
I have even changed to a new phone number, which many have given me grief about. You know what? It’s funny, because half of the people I told I changed my number that complained don’t reach out to me on a regular basis. And it isn’t like today’s technology makes it difficult to copy and paste a new number into a contact and delete the old number. At least we don’t have to update a Roladex, right?!? You think that is challenging, just wait until the real world hits you.
These challenges will continue in the following weeks, months and years. Guess what? I’m ready for it. I might feel overwhelmed at times or uncertain where my career and life are headed. However, that is what leaders thrive on. They thrive on meeting the challenge, adapting to change and maintaining a willingness and excitement to learn. 

Do you feel challenged yet?

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