Things worth having do not come easy… go figure.

It is all about the journey, the challenge and the outcome. In my [short] life experience, I have found that most things worth having do not come easy. Go figure. In this case, competing in my first figure bodybuilding competition was not all easy or fun.

However, I did it. I competed. And obtained my goal.

There are many complexities to competing. Lifting, cardio, diet, posing, preventing injuries, balancing life, overcoming self doubts, sharing your story, ignoring naysayers, remaining positive, staying focused and more. Saturday, August 15, 2015, was the day I proved I could and would do it. I drove 8 hours to Arnold, Missouri for the NPC Midwest Naturals.

And guess what? I gave it my all.

I placed second and am now nationally qualified in NPC Figure! 😀

Below are some images from the experience. My best friend from Ohio came out to see me compete and we spent her birthday weekend not just at the show but enjoying St. Louis, Missouri. Here are some other professional photos from NPC News too.

What’s next? A few months of reverse dieting, building more muscle and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I plan to compete again next spring in a smaller show and then at the NPC Junior USA in May! I am at a time in my life where self-discovery and opportunities go hand in hand.
So are you. 

What are experience or thing have you always wanted to do but have not taken the plunge to try because of obstacles or excuses? Ask yourself, is it worth obtaining in your life? If so, what step can you take to reach that goal? Remember, things worth having do not always come easy. Go figure. Now, go get them!

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