Sweet as Swiss

Remote. Friendly. Authentic. Value. Beautiful. These words describe my two-day experience in Interlaken, Switzerland. If they don't inspire you to want to move there too, just wait. During my vacation, a main goal was to identify different personal enjoyments and passions. Since starting in my first career out of college, I have struggled to find … Continue reading Sweet as Swiss

Picnics in Paris

After the short day of wandering London in a "lost" state, I joined 15 other travelers from around the world to go by train to Paris, France. We arrived late that evening to Paris and made our way on a 15-minute jaunt to our hostel. I had never stayed in a hostel before, let alone … Continue reading Picnics in Paris

Lost in London

The last week of August, I took an 8-day vacation to Europe! Life has gotten away from me lately, after my competition, starting a new seed sales season, going on vacation and playing catch up when I returned. Now, I'm eager to share some of my experiences in each country, sights seen and lessons learned. … Continue reading Lost in London