Thankful 30 – Day 3, band aids.

We all have wounds. Scratches and bruises. Burns, blisters and scars. How do we help them heal?

thankful 30 - band aidsBand aids.

I have been using quite a few band aids recently – figuratively and literally. For some reason, my skin has been super sensitive and I have needed band aids. For example, I have a band aid on my thumb right now where my cuticle is sore and swollen. The cause? I have no idea. Luckily, the band aid can help it heal.

They are not just to prevent injuries, but protect against further damage and to help accelerate the healing process. Unfortunately, band aids aren’t always the solution… This morning, I dropped a workout box on my toe. Not just any toe. Right on top of my big toe. It is now black and blue and a band aid will not help that. Nonetheless, band aids are a great addition to healing wounds that are frequent, vulnerable or sensitive.

Not just my skin, but also emotional wounds, scars and burdens need healed. I put weight on myself to succeed, overcome personal challenges and emotionally beat myself up when I don’t. I need to do better at healing. I cannot let all of these “things” become like my toe injury in the gym this morning. I need to find band aids in life that can help me heal quicker, and protect me from further damage. How do I do that?

Relax, breath slowly, drink water, read more books, talk to friends more often, stop fretting over the little things, enjoy a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream every now and then, and go back to the Thankful 30 – Day 1. Band aids will peel off when they are ready. Sometimes, you won’t be fully healed. But, it will be the right time to appreciate the healing it provided. We need that time. That is why I’m thankful for band aids.

Now, hopefully, my thumb will heal faster…


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