Thankful 30 – Day 4, safe, bountiful harvest.

In agriculture, this time of year is busy and dangerous. In south central Nebraska, harvest is finishing up. On day 4, I am thankful for a safe, bountiful harvest for my customers.

Safe, bountiful harvest
My Syngenta Seed Advisors have been hard at work to make sure the local farmers are having a safe, bountiful harvest. Lucky for me, I get to be out in the field more to meet the growers, ride in the combines, measure hybrids weights and moistures and discuss hybrid performance and see those results!
For me, I learn best when I am on the ground, working nose to nose with my customers. Here are a few pictures from our harvest season! Never miss the opportunity to thank a farmer. They work hard to put food on your tables, clothes on your skin and gasoline in your cars.
Harvest 1

Harvest 2

Harvest 3

Harvest 4

Harvest 5

Harvest 6

Harvest 7

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