Thankful 30 – Day 6, technology

droneWe live in a technology society. Advancements are happening quickly, especially for agricultural production. At the AFA Leaders Conference and a session for the AFA Alliance Forum, I had discussions with college students and agricultural professional peers about technology.

Everyone know it is expanding. New iPhones, iWatches, drones, data management software are just the beginning. What is next? Programs to coordinate health systems, soil metric measuring developments? Who knows. All I know is, there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

Lucky for us, we can be thankful for what we have now. Internet connections, email, cell phones, cable, cloud storage, GPS, field mapping, computers and countless other devices that I cannot remember. But there is more to come. How will we enhance it to make the most of agriculture, medicine and life? I guess we shall see. There is a lot of opportunity for my generation. 🙂