Thankful 30 – Day 11, veterans

Today was an easy choice for my thankful 30. I thank our veterans for Veterans’ Day. Many of the men in my family have served in the military. I am compelled to not only thank them, but the men and women who have stood next to them to protect and serve this nation.
The American Flag
Take the time to honor our flag, country and citizens who have protected us since the beginning. I challenge you that the next time you see someone in uniform or veteran apparel in a public place, say “thank you” or salute them. They do not receive enough recognition.

At lunch today, I just so happened to see a Korea War Veteran. I was walking to the bathroom when I noticed his hat. I did my business and returned to shake his hand and thank him for his service. My late grandpa Nachtman had served during that war. This man had a huge smile upon his face with gratitude and proceeded to tell me that he did not go to Korea but worked in developing ammunition. I thanked him for his bravery nonetheless.

My heart felt warm after that, even though it was windy, rainy and cold outside. Respect needs given to those who do not receive it nearly enough.

Also, I challenge you and others to quit using immature slang and referring to our great country as ‘merica or ‘murica. It is disrespectful and ignorant. Would our Founding Fathers call it that? Nope. And you will never hear me say that either. If you do while I’m around, you can guarantee I will slap you upside the head. 
Grandpa Weihl and I this past summer. He is a proud veteran.
Did you thank a veteran today? It is not too late and should not stop after today.

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