Thankful 30 – Day 14, distant friends

Distance makes relationships stronger. What’s even stronger is friendships that no matter how long you go without physically seeing one another, you pick things up where you left off the next time you are reunited.

On day 14, I’m thankful for distant friends. Growing up, I never had those “close” or “one” best friend. When I went to college, I made a life long friend. Libby and I live miles apart. Howver, even in sporadic text conversations or phone calls, we have a stronger friendship than ever. I’m thankful she puts up with my indecisive shopping habits, random thoughts and workaholicism. 🙂

I’ve stayed with her the past two days and we are running in a 5k on Sunday. Whenever we get even short bursts of time together, it is well spent.

Find your true friends in life. Distance is no obstacle when you have the strongest relationships possible.