Thankful 30 – Day 15, love

One of the most heart warming things to see is people in love. Weddings are the best place to find that feeling. The past year, many of my friends have gotten engaged and/or married. I also have many friends in serious, long-term relationships.

Love is a beautiful thing. Today’s thankful 30 is for love. If you are a Christian, you know that to live a faith-based life, you must love. As God loves each of us and all of our faults and sins, we must share his love with others around us. It becomes easier to do that when others around you exemplify those characteristics and actions daily.

Blake and Brent are a fantastic example of that. I have witnessed their relationship strengthen in love and faith the past few years. Not only do they both know what they believe, they demonstrate it daily. You could feel it in the church and at the reception yesterday. It was divine.

blake and brent wedding

It makes me hopeful. My patience (the little I have) is growing. God’s love for me is evident. He has a plan for me. To be loved, I must first love others. The rest will happen when He deems I’m ready.

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