Thankful 30 – Day 16, drive time

Weird, right? Why would anyone, particularly someone in sales, be thankful for drive time? Well, let me tell you, drive time can be optimized in many ways.

I listen to a lot of new music on my drives, thanks to Pandora. I have increased my news and current event awareness by hearing information on the radio. Podcasts are great to continue learning. Many phone conversations are had during drive time. Best of all, it allows alone time to think.

Reflection is one thing many of us forget to do. I take advantage of drive time to do this. How was my day? What did I do well? Was I productive? What could I have done differently? How will I do better tomorrow?

This weekend allotted a lot of drive time. I try to balance it among the options listed above as much as possible. I am thankful for it nonetheless.

What do you do to make the most of your drive time?

2 thoughts on “Thankful 30 – Day 16, drive time

  1. I just started listening to podcasts in the last few months while driving and they have made such a difference in how I look and think about things and handle situations! G


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