Thankful 30 – Day 17, food

Mmmmmmm, FOOD! Who does not like food? Seriously? It is funny because I have grown up surrounded by food options my entire life. Dang, I’m lucky. I’m so very thankful for food.


It nourishes my body. It comforts me. It brings people together. God has blessed me with it.

Roast and Veggies

But guess what else? It causes wars. It creates food fights, miscommunication and manipulation. It causes gluttony and unhealthy choices. It could destroy us.

How can we focus on the first three things food does for people and not let the latter things happen? Over the past several years, humans [and especially Americans] have become spoiled. Today, 1 farmer can feed 155 people versus 1 farmer feeding 24 people in the 1920s. The food industry is booming! There is so much variety and options in the marketplace, and many humans have lost control of themselves.

***Disclaimer, not everyone is like this. Heck, I used to be! However, it seems to be the majority. We go out to eat, buy fast, quick and processed foods. Many of these are labeled “natural” and “healthy”. Everything can be healthy, in moderation. But most do not. It is hard to avoid what comes easy. Humans want simple. The food industry has seen and met that need. Now what?

If we are so blessed and thankful for food, how can we improve or adhere to balance, happiness and nourishment these next few weeks and months of holidays? How can we learn to give, help and appreciate all the food we have?

Since competing in my body building show, I experience food differently. Food is emotional. I have learned to look at it in a different way. Can you? And can you share it with others, too? I’m all about the carbs. But, there has to be a balance and understanding of everything so that my carbs are not better or lesser than yours. Be thankful for the food options we have. Enjoy them, within reason. 🙂

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