Thankful 30 – Day 18, inspiring peers

Do you have someone at your workplace who you can talk with about goals, learn different perspectives, push you past your limits and is all around a fun, inspiring peer?

inspiring peers

I’m thankful for one of my inspiring peers. Logan and I completed the developmental sales representative training program at Syngenta together. The first time I met him, I was intimidated. He played college football and is simply “a big dude”. But, after talking with him in the first few meetings of our training, we became good friends and coworkers.

Logans wedding

Since June 2014, we have both been placed in different territories and different parts of the business. He is in Iowa working with retail locations. I am in Nebraska working with Seed Advisors. We talk on a frequent basis about workouts (obviously), leadership development, career goals, agriculture and life. I was delighted to attend his wedding and see him and Haley take the next step in strengthening their love and relationship. He is still telling me that I need a guy… ha, right. I tell him that if he finds me one, let me know.

fit friends
Fit friends during work meeting.

I consider Logan one of my closest friends. Yes, we have many similarities. But, he also pushes me to grow. He inspires me to think differently, work harder and do better. He is also a bit crazy (Crossfitters can be, right?). I cherish those qualities and more.

crazy friend

Who is one of your inspiring peers? Maybe you have not developed a closer friendship or professional relationship with them yet. If you want to, how do you plan to make that happen? Start by reaching out with phone calls, texts, Snapchats or Facebook messages. Ask thoughtful questions. Continue sharing moments, reflecting on life and work and developing that relationship. Find your inspiring peers.

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