Thankful 30 – Day 19, high school

This afternoon and evening, I hosted a booth for the first annual Northwest High School Career Fair. It has been a while since I have interacted with a large group of high school students. It makes me thankful for high school.

Not only did I have some interesting conversations, but I reflected back to my high school days. The days of the unknown future. What did I want to do when I grew up? Where would I go to college? What FFA activities did I want to excel in? Which classes should I take these last few years that will get me closer to life-long goals? How could I get the most out of high school?

high school ffa
Freshman year, FFA soils contest. That shirt though…

After watching the students today, I am also grateful I am no longer in high school. There is much pressure on today’s youth to get involved, do well, get ready for college, etc. I do not know that I am qualified enough now for what some of these emerging adults are learning! They also have much more drama than I did growing up. Social norms have changed, inclusion and exclusion are even more extreme and all eyes are on them. They are the future.

High school graduation with my cousin Shannon,
who is now in high school!

FFA advisor
National FFA Livestock judging CDE team photo
with advisor, Mrs. Ayers.

band director
Sousa Concert with Mr. D… and I balled that night.

I am glad for my high school experience filled with devoted teachers and educators. I learned a lot about life and cherishing moments. Even though I went to college fairly close to home, I did not stay as well connected to people from high school as I could have and probably should have. Now, living 13 hours away, it is challenging to maintain those relationships. But, I appreciate them even more.

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