Thankful 30 – Day 22, the checkered flag

I am a person of vision. I need the big picture, the end goal, the checkered flag to focus and truly excel. This mind set is similar to that of NASCAR drivers. Today is the final race of #TheChase at the 2015 NASCAR season. These drivers prepare and focus on the end goal: seeing the checkered flag wave at the last lap. 
Jeff Gordon 2014
I am thankful for the checkered flag. I am a NASCAR fan and today is the end of an era. Jeff Gordon is racing his final race before retirement. He also is one of the four contenders for the championship cup. The only thing he needs to do to secure that: be the first to reach the checkered flag. He knows his goal and has the potential to reach it. 
Jeff Gordon entry
Jeff Gordon wave
Last July, I had the chance to witness Gordon win at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. Definitely a cool experience, followed by even more fun with kissing the bricks (even though they were not where Gordon and other winners have), waving to Gordon as he headed to the press box and getting to see the winning car! Reflecting on that day, I know that focusing on the checkered flag is the major component of success. 
Jeff Gordon winning car
Find your checkered flag. Become an icon and a legend for that. Today, I am #24ever. 

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