Thankful 30 – Day 23, my momma

Yep, I’m thankful for my mom. I definitely do not tell her enough or prove it enough how much I care and appreciate her. This weekend, she was definitely the listening ear and thoughtful role model I needed.

Most recent photo of mom, dad and me.

Today, she sent me a funny photography of their house cat and it definitely made me laugh. Even living so many miles away, she is one I depend on. She helps me get back to reality. She works her tail off at home and keeps the farm going. She is a damn good mother. Her love is unconditional.

Even though I will not be home this year for Thanksgiving, I hope my momma knows how proud I am of her. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t know where this is a photo of just her and I. So, the one of mom, dad and me from my short stint in Ohio a couple weeks ago will have to do. Love you, mom!

alien cat
When she wanted to send a picture of grumpy kitty,
turned into alien kitty!