Thankful 30 – Day 25, my sister

She is my little goof ball. Kelly (aka Keke) and I have had our highs and lows as siblings. Growing up, mom and dad tried their best to keep us separated… we were often up in arms about who was picking on who. They tried to keep us from attacking one another.

christmas 2014

When I went off to college, things changed. I missed having that one other family member to confide in. I missed having someone I could just talk to… even though she judged me sometimes and I did the same. That’s the nature of our relationship.

sisters at the zoo

Since then, things have changed. We live 13 hours apart; I miss her. We talk more now than ever before. Even with her busy college schedule, we do our best to make time to catch up and talk. She is doing remarkable things. She has a job, is very focused on her educational and career goals with music, just auditioned for one drum corp and is auditioning this weekend for another. I do not give her credit she deserves. When she actually sets her goals (which is sometimes a daunting task), she works her tail off to accomplish them. And even if she does not, she keeps pushing forward.

Sousa Concert
Sousa Concert 2014.

I am thankful to be able to share that music with her and hopefully continue sharing fitness as a shared interest. We also both love to travel and went on a sister trip after my college graduation and her college graduation. Looks like another trip is in the works for next spring. Where to? Not sure yet. But, we will certainly figure it out! 🙂

Caroline OSU graduation
My OSU graduation day.

Kelly Otsego Graduation
Kelly’s Otsego graduation day.

Weihl Sisters in Maine
Sister Roadtrip 2015 in Maine.

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